We are located in the Puna district of Hawaii County in Puna. Our website design business allows us to work from anywhere while we travel, and we take advantage of that often traveling abroad.

While we spend most of our time on the Big Island we are able to meet with local customers pretty much any time, except for those occasions that we are off on an adventure. Which when we leave, we will give a notice on our website, and we will still be available for tech support, and new orders while we are traveling.

We take our work serious, just as serious as we take our play. We work hard and we play hard, and we hope to help our customers achieve the same quality of life.

Working at home from our laptop allows us many benefits, the most important is being able to stay at home with our children, and giving them extra care and one on one homeschool lessons. It also allows our children the freedom to explore the world, and see awesome museums and have awesome learning experiences all around the world!

Netherlands Carnival 2018
Netherlands Carnival 2018

You can see our journeys at

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    Spun Web Technology a full service web architecture and design studio offering all aspects of website design, graphic design, web technology development, search engine optimization, and maintenance services for all types of websites and web businesses.

    Spun Web Designs Spider Web
    Spun Web Designs Spider Web

    Spun web technology specializes in CMS (Content Management Solutions) such as WordPress and Joomla.  We offer design, configuration, testing and maintenance of many CMS platforms.


    Our graphic designers have decades of experience and have create award winning productions for well known companies.  We are able to take on small and large clients and put your vision into reality.

    We offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services that are guaranteed to get results.  We study the ever changing algorithms of search engines and are able to utilize our knowledge to get your keywords for you product, service, or idea on the first page of the top search engines without having to use expensive pay per click advertising.

    Search Engine Optimization
    Search Engine Optimization

    Spun Web Technology offers comprehensive maintenance services for your website.  We harden security, monitor web logs, and have a highly responsive threat management solution that employees a real life human to ward off attacks as they are happening, and to prevent attacks from ever occurring.

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