Imagine owning a convenience store that is fully stocked with useful products at great prices.  Imagine that you have hired the best staff, and they give the most fantastic service to every customer that comes in the door.   After all is said and done, when you open your store you have invested a small fortune in to your operation.  But there is only one problem, there are no roads or paths that lead to your business.  No one can find you, because you have not created access to your business.   People may not have even saw that your business exists, even if they live right next door, because not only are there no roads leading to your business, but you also have not invested in advertising.  Your idea was that you must create a great store, with great products and great employees, and that the business will sell it self to people.

A store that no one can find
A store that no one can find

Unfortunately many get this wrong, and do not realize that in order to get customers, you must have a top notch marketing plan to go with your awesome products or services.   Whether you are on main street, or whether you are running a completely online business.  You need to lead customers to your products and services.

Do not make the mistake of neglecting the most important part of your success in business, your advertising is the only way that you are going to sell products to pay the bills, and to become successful at business.

Search engine optimization is the most important piece of the puzzle for business in this new playing field.   Getting your business on the internet plays key roles in leading customers to your products and services.  Whether your customers are doing a search on their mobile phone, or their home based computer.  In all aspects of advertising, customers will most likely be using search engines to find your business.

Some people try to rely on industry specific directories, or phone books.  But when it is so much easier, and more widely used, the search engine is your best friend in your marketing campaign.  Which is why it is important to come up with the right strategy to get your keywords listed on all of the major search engines.

With new algorithms at play, and an ever changing environment, it can be a difficult task trying to figure out what to do next.  Which is why we do all of the leg work for you at Spun Web Technology.   There is not just one method, there are many factors in ranking your keywords for your products and services.  If you do it wrong you can be penalized, and some search engines will drop your website completely.   It is a delicate and very tedious process.  However, we can help!


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Don’t allow your store to be the store that no one can find.

Spun Web Technology a full service web architecture and design studio offering all aspects of website design, graphic design, web technology development, search engine optimization, and maintenance services for all types of websites and web businesses.

Spun Web Designs Spider Web
Spun Web Designs Spider Web

Spun web technology specializes in CMS (Content Management Solutions) such as WordPress and Joomla.  We offer design, configuration, testing and maintenance of many CMS platforms.


Our graphic designers have decades of experience and have create award winning productions for well known companies.  We are able to take on small and large clients and put your vision into reality.

We offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services that are guaranteed to get results.  We study the ever changing algorithms of search engines and are able to utilize our knowledge to get your keywords for you product, service, or idea on the first page of the top search engines without having to use expensive pay per click advertising.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

Spun Web Technology offers comprehensive maintenance services for your website.  We harden security, monitor web logs, and have a highly responsive threat management solution that employees a real life human to ward off attacks as they are happening, and to prevent attacks from ever occurring.

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